The Most Advanced Nano IONIC BOND (NIB) Lubricating Technology
which enables PRIMO to make
with Almost Zero Wear Performance

  • Minimizes friction for a minimum of 70%
  • Decrease fuel consumption 7-10% (incredible decrease operation costs )
  • Increase Engine Performance (HP) up to 9%
  • Prolong Engine life 2-3 times
  • Prolong Oil life 2-3 times
  • Decrease oil consumption caused by friction resulting high operating temperatures 
  • Reduce engine noise
  • Reduce Oxidation~resist sludging (cleaner engine)

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Cleans, Shines, Refreshes & Makes Healthy!

PRIMO Chemical Maintenance Division distributes auto and household maintenance products which are designed to meet USA & European high quality & technology standard with certification of Department of Health & as much as can to consider environment conservation, health, and directions of use efficiency Read More


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